Palestinian MP Daraghmeh: the Intifada will consult no one to break out

The Palestinian MP for Hamas movement, Ayman Daraghmeh, considered that the current objective circumstances suggest that the atmosphere is similar to the one which preceded the first two intifadas (uprisings) in 1987 and 2000.

Daraghmeh pointed out to the increase of the attacks against the Palestinian people by the Jewish settlers and the occupation soldiers, especially the last Gaza war and the daily arrests taking place in the West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem.

He described, in statements to Quds Press Agency, the Intifada as a volcano “once it wants to erupt, it will consult neither factions nor officials,” adding that there are many political obstacles trying to prevent the outbreak of a third intifada.

The Hebrew Maariv newspaper said in its Sunday edition that the Israeli security services and army are expecting that a third Palestinian armed Intifada will break out in the West Bank early next year.

The newspaper quoted Israeli army officers as saying that the number of the security warning alerts of the implementation of military operations have been increasing.

For his part; the military commentator for the Hebrew paper, Amir Ribort, revealed that the years of calm in the West have come to an end, and that the Israeli army is preparing for violent confrontations in the first quarter of the next year (2013), which means within four months, according to the commentator.

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