Palestinian MPs receive Mauritanian delegation in Gaza

The Palestinian MPs, headed by Dr. Ahmed Bahar the First Deputy head of the Legislative Council, met today at the PLC’s headquarters in Gaza City the Mauritanian delegation on a solidarity visit to Gaza after the recent aggression.

The delegation included parliamentarians, preachers, artists and heads of political parties.

PLC’s First Deputy head welcomed the solidarity delegation, expressing the Palestinian parliament’s appreciation of this second solidarity visit held by Mauritanian delegation.

Bahr stressed during his meeting with the delegation on the unity of the Palestinian people facing the aggression on the Strip, and on the importance of the role of Arab and regional support for the Palestinian people in thwarting the objectives of Israel.

He also talked about the Israeli occupation crimes against families, including the destruction of homes and the killing of women and children, as well as the Israeli violations of the international laws through kidnapping and arresting the elected MPs in the West Bank without charges.

For his part, the head of the Mauritanian delegation, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hassan stressed on the Mauritanians’ support for Palestine and the Palestinian resistance.

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