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Palestinian prisoner Abu Rish on 21st day of hunger-strike


42-year-old Palestinian detainee Kayed Fawzi Abu al-Rish has entered his 21st day of open-ended hunger-strike in protest at being held without charge or trial at the Israeli occupation jails, the Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights reported.

The Ahrar Center quoted the prisoner’s family as reporting that their detained son has been incarcerated in the solitary lock-downs of Meggido jail, saying they received no updates on his current health status.

A phone call received by the family from the Shin Bet apparatuses a couple of days ago urged the mother to talk to her son and force him to suspend his hunger-strike in exchange for his release after the end of his prison-term, sometime after four months. But the family voiced firm rebuff of any attempts to dampen their son’s spirit and compel him to end his strike against his will.

Inmate Abu Al-Rish, a father of three children, has been held administratively in the Israeli occupation jails since December 2014.

The Israeli prison authorities renewed his administrative sentence twice for six months.

Abu al-Rish has been locked up for over 16 years in Israeli jails.

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