Palestinians Commemorate Land Day Amidst “Israeli” Alert

pal_2Palestinians commemorated Land Day on March 30th when “Israel” confiscated thousands of acres of 1948 Palestinian territories in 1976.

Upon this, Arabs in Palestine declared a broad protest, defying “Israeli” authorities after the 1948 Nakba [calamity]. The “Israeli” military response back then was severe; “Israeli” reinforcements entered and reoccupied Araba city, killing and wounding many unarmed citizens.

Since then, Palestinians commemorate this day with protests and activities. A number of committees participated in a protest across an “Israeli” prison in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners.

A central march is to be held in Sakhneen city in Galilee.

Moreover, the “Israeli” police declared full alertness in case of any possible incident.
Al-Quds daily cited an official of maps in the Arab Research Center a statistical survey that the 1948 Palestinians do not own but 4% of their lands, while al-Quds residents own only 13%. “Israel” controls 58% of West Bank territories, aiming at defining its borders.

1948 Palestinians refer to the Palestinian citizens who now live in territories occupied by the Zionist entity back in 1948, establishing the supposed State of “Israel”.

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