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Palestinians have begun to ‘bury Nakba’ forever

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said that Palestinian and Arab blood that was spilt during Nakba marches suggests that Nakba is being marked with a new spirit, and that the Palestinians have begun to ”bury the Nakba” for good.

Palestine will see a peaceful flood of people that will eliminate [Israel’s] arrogance,” Haneyya said speaking at a ceremony after several Gaza fishermen received new boats.

Gaza has been under siege for the past four years, but on Nakba Day, [Israel] has been besieged from all sides.

Haneyya lauded the role played by Palestinian youth in commemorating Nakba Day as they were unified under the Palestinian flag. He said that the situation marked the “first application” of the reconciliation practiced on the ground, as differences were set aside for the greater national interest.

The Palestinian premier said that Gaza was “living the last moments of the siege collapsing”. He added that, at the same time, Israel was living the collapse of its occupation on the Palestinian territories, due to the Arab revolutions and the peaceful tide striking tyrannical Arab regimes and Israeli occupation government.

Haneyya expressed his appreciation for the roles played by Arab and foreign pro-Palestinian activists and commemorated those who were killed on the Gaza aid flotilla that was attacked by Israeli forces late last May, as it came to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

He also condemned the Israeli attack on another Malaysian ship that carried humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Haneyya described what happened to the ship as “Zionist piracy”, and he called for resuming flotillas designed to break the Gaza siege, especially the second Freedom Flotilla, due to set sail this June.

He also called for the opening of a sea corridor aimed at enabling the Gazans to have access to the outside world. He praised the ministry of agriculture’s interaction and continued efforts to serve Palestinian fishermen, who have been severely affected by the Gaza siege.

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