Palestinians in West Bank protest US talks proposals

27982fa4874145de2f07dad58acc3a15_LPalestinians in the occupied West Bank have protested against US Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposals for the so-called peace talks with the Zionist regime.

According to Press TV, the rallies took place in the cities of Nablus and al-Khalil on Saturday with demonstrators shouting slogans, denouncing Kerry’s proposals for peace.
They called on the Palestinian Authority to reject the proposals, which they say are aimed at destroying the Palestinian cause.
The protesters added that the talks deny the Palestinians right of return and allow expansion of illegal Zionist settlements in the occupied territories.
Fahmi Shahin, with the Palestinian People’s Party, said in an address to the demonstrators in al-Khalil that the Palestinian Authority must “immediately stop so-called peace negotiations and to reject the US sponsorship to these talks.”
Washington’s plan to “accept the Zionist Regime occupation as a fact must be rejected.”
The two sides of the US-brokered negotiations, which resumed in July 2013, between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian Authority have failed to make significant progress due to substantial disagreements.

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