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Palestinians test Sam-7 rockets against Zionists’ choppers

Palestinian sources reported that the Resistance group have fired Sam 7 rocket targeting the Israeli regime's helicopters.

 Palestinian sources reported the firing of a Sam 7 rocket by the Resistance to target Israeli attack helicopters while bombing parts of the Gaza Strip. 

Palestine air defense forces have fired two rockets towards invading Zionist helicopters near the eastern coast of Gaza, Al-Aqsa TV reported.

According to the report, the two Sam-7 rockets were fired directly at Israeli helicopters involved in last night’s invasion of the Gaza Strip.

To test the rockets, Resistance forces have fired several rockets towards Gaza Strip, Samaa TV reported.

Local sources in Gaza said that the Resistance fired the rockets at the same time as the Zionists’ warplanes attacked the Gaza Strip and bombed a number of Resistance bases.

Last night, the Israeli air force and artillery attacked several bases and positions of Resistance groups in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli army spokesman claimed that “The air force is bombing the targets in Gaza Strip in response to rockets that have been fired at the coast of Tel Aviv.”

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