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Peaceful coexistence with all faiths in Iran a model for world


All divine faiths’ prophets have confirmed authenticity of their successors, which means approving of each other’s faiths and that is why followers of all monotheist faiths have always had peaceful coexistence in Iran that is a model for the global community.

Prominent Iranian cleric Grand Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli made the comment in a meeting with a group of clergies, authors and literary figures in publication field on the occasion of the Book Week, adding that civil society will never be established at gun point.
‘Relying on waging wars and accumulating warfare, the mankind will never manage to build an exalted civilization, as all civilizations throughout history have been established under the umbrella of divine revelations, knowledge, and briefly speaking, the pen,’ said the Grand Ayatollah.

He expressed hope that the unity of heartfelt feelings among the followers of all true monotheist faiths will lead to adopting shared goals and that in turn to the mankind’s movement towards a divine shared objective.
Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli said that the human society is in need of three elements, the most pivotal one of which that is merely possessed by the monotheist faiths is absolute justice based on which the entire universe is both created and maintained.
He said that the World War I and II were waged due to the lack of that justice and the present day terrorist massacres and explosion, too, have the same root.

The Shi’a source of jurisprudence said that although man cannot live without laws, the human societies that have abandoned monotheist beliefs lack one of the three major factors for lawmaking and therefore they always lead to dead-ends instead of achieving their goals.

He said that the articles in any law are the first element, which is comprised of that law’s articles that are implemented, but those articles are based on fundamentals which are unanimously agreed upon by the whole mankind, including loving freedom, observing peaceful coexistence, and equality of all human beings.
‘But the key for achieving the real essence of all those fundamental values is absolute justice, which means all of them must be observed around the axis of absolute justice.’

Defining justice, he said, ‘Justice is placing anything in its proper place, but where is the proper position of the individuals and things? Who is the authentic source for defining such matters?’
‘While the global oppression has positioned itself in the seat of God and assumed that God’s responsibilities are on its shoulders alone it is introducing the freedom fighters and those who try to liberate their occupied homelands as terrorists, while introducing the true terrorists as freedom fighters and arming them to the teeth,’ said the Grand Ayatollah.

Among the personalities in the meeting were representative of monotheist faiths in Iranian Parliament, Culture and Islamic Guidance officials and Qom Seminary and provincial personalities.

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