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Pentagon can’t explain mystery missile

The US defense department has said it cannot explain what has appeared to be a missile launching into the atmosphere off the southern California coast.

On Monday evening, a local CBS television affiliate aired footage of the suspected missile vapor trail that streaked across the sky west of Los Angeles, raising concerns across the US about a possible missile fire.

Many media sources immediately pointed their fingers at the US Defense Department, explaining that the military was probably just testing one of its new toys.

However, the Pentagon has said it has no idea what created the vapor trail.

It added that officials were looking into the matter, but stressed that it was assured that whatever happened there posed no threat to America.

According to Colonel Dave Lapan, a spokesman for the Pentagon, no Defense Department units reported launches at the time.

The tight-lipped explanation means that either the Pentagon is truly unaware of the mysterious missile launch or that the US Defense Department has been test-firing secret advanced weapons to boost its military dominance.

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