People of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) halt ISIS advance, restore two sites in the city


People of Ayn al-Arab in northern Syria halted the advance of ISIS terrorists towards the city, restoring two important sites which were under the control of terrorists.
Local sources in the city said that the protection units expelled ISIS terrorists from two important sites where they dominated last Friday.
Earlier, Battles between the locals of Ayn al-Arab city in northeast Aleppo and the terrorists of ISIS continued on Wednesday, with fierce battles taking place in several neighborhoods in the city to prevent ISIS from advancing.
Local sources said that violent clashes are taking place between ISIS terrorists and local civilian protection units who are holding ISIS back.
AFP said that the U.S.-led coalition carried out 8 airstrikes at dawn, targeting ISIS sites, but the agency didn’t mention anything about the results of these airstrikes or their efficacy in stopping ISIS’ advance.
Information indicates that the ISIS onslaught on Ain al-Arab is supported and facilitated by the Justice and Development Party government in Turkey, the same government which is preventing volunteers to enter the city to help defend it.

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