PHOTOS: 18 Yr Old Volunteer Medic Martyred By zionist Soldier In West Bank

Palestinian crowds marched in the funeral procession of an 18-year-old volunteer paramedic, on Wednesday, who was shot and killed by Israeli forces during a raid to the Dheisheh refugee camp in the southern occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem hours earlier.

The funeral procession of Sajed Abed al-Hakim Mizher set off from the Beit Jala Governmental Hospital heading to Dheisheh from across the streets of Bethlehem City.Mizher was then buried at the al-Shuhada cemetery in adjacent Artas.Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, called Mizher’s father to present his condolences.Mizher’s family said that their son is “martyr of the international humanitarian movement” as he was shot and killed wearing his paramedic uniform.Sajed had succumbed to wounds he sustained during clashes with Israeli forces in the Dheisheh refugee camp in the southern West Bank city of  .
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