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Poland to extradite Mossad agent

Polish authorities arrested a suspected Israeli spy for his link to the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, officials said.

German prosecutors said an member of the Israeli spy agency Mossad was arrested in Poland in connection to using a fake German passport. Berlin is asking for the extradition of Uri Brodsky, believed to be the first Israeli spy allegedly tied to the slaying of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel in January, London’s Independent newspaper reports.

Mabhouh, a Palestinian national, was discovered dead in a Dubai hotel in January. Dubai police said they found 12 British, six Irish, four French, three Australian and one German passports connected to suspects in the Mabhouh assassination.

Polish sources speaking to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said German officials leaked the information on Brodsky to prevent his release. He was arrested in Poland in early June.

Haaretz says Brodsky isn’t listed by the international police force Interpol as a suspect in the January assassination.

Interpol said it was investigating one team of suspects that “consisted of a smaller core group to have carried out the killing,” while a second team “aided and abetted the first team” by trailing Mabhouh when he arrived Jan. 19 in Dubai.

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