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Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine condemns US sanctions on Iran

The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine released a statement on Friday condemning the US new sanctions on Iran.

According to Palestine Today, the statement says that although the US sanctions have negative effects on Iranian economy, they can resist the sanctions and defeat them whose main goal is to weaken Iran’s pivotal role in the Resistance and opposition with the Israeli occupying regime and the US plots for the region.

Expressing solidarity with Iran, the statement stressed that the US new sanctions are a part of the White House’s fixed policies against any power or group that opposes Washington’s policies and plans for the region; US policies are all in favor of the Zionist regime and now President Donald Trump is escalating the sanctions on Iran to help his election campaign.

On Thursday evening, Treasury Department of the US announced that Washington has sanctioned 18 major Iranian banks.

Trump administration has imposed the most severe economic sanctions on Iran. In the past few months, after the US was defeated by Iran in the UN Security Council, Trump who feels he will be defeated in the elections as well.

He is trying to block any path that may lead to the return of the next US Administration to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, from which Trump unilaterally withdrew in 2018.  

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