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Popular uprising will begin if US and Turkey do not leave Syria: President Assad

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told Russia’s Sputnik Agency on Thursday that if the United States and Turkey do not leave Syria after the defeat of terrorism than the Syrians will start a popular uprising.

Assad told Sputnik: “This is an occupation. In this case, we need to do two things: First, get rid of the pretext that they use for the occupation, that is, the terrorists in this case, ISIS.”

“Most of the world knows that ISIS was created by the Americans and they support it,” he continued, stating that “therefore, eliminating terrorists in Syria is our top priority, and if the Americans and Turks do not leave after that, then of course, popular resistance will begin and this is the only way.”

“They will not be forced to leave through discussions or international law because it does not exist,” Assad said.

He would add that “there is no other way but resistance and this is what happened in Iraq. What drove the Americans to leave in 2007? It was the result of the Iraqi people’s resistance.”

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