President: 35 Million Iranians Prone to Coronavirus, Iran will successfully deal with the disease

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani said around 35 million people in the country are estimated to be susceptible to the novel coronavirus infection in the coming months, stressing, however, that Iran will successfully deal with the viral disease.

Speaking at a Saturday session of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, Rouhani said a report from the Health Ministry suggests that 30 to 35 million Iranians will likely be susceptible to COVID-19 infection in the coming months.

He also stressed the need for strict compliance with the health protocols to cut off the chain of contagion.

Of every 1,000 people infected with the coronavirus, 500 show no symptoms, 350 ones have mild symptoms without the need for hospital admission, while 150 others need to be hospitalized, the president added.

Rouhani said the coronavirus cases displaying no symptoms are the most dangerous group in terms of spreading the disease.

He further underlined that people should not be made nervous about the pandemic, saying although defeating the disease may be a time-consuming and difficult process, Iran will definitely emerge victorious and overcome the challenge.

Rouhani further called for efforts to strengthen the society’s tolerance in the health and economic sectors, adding, “The process of production and employment must continue, and it is necessary to observe the protective and health instructions strictly in the production centers.”

Last month, the president highlighted his administration’s efforts to deal with the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, saying there have been initiatives to protect the livelihood of people and prevent price hikes.

In April, Leader of the Islamic Ummah Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei gave permission for withdrawing €1 billion from the National Development Fund of Iran to battle against the novel coronavirus and handle the consequences of the disease.

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