President Ahmadinejad Blasts Current World Order

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at the corrupt order dominating the world, and stated that a few minorities are trying to impose their will on the world majority.

Speaking at a meeting with participants in the Tehran Conference on Syria on Thursday evening, President Ahmadinejad stated that the existing conditions of the world “are not acceptable by any means”.

He mentioned the fact that a few minorities who possess the power and wealth in the world are ruling the world and they want to determine the fate of all nations and world affairs, as well as impose their will on other nations.

“Today the power, wealth and media in the world is owned and controlled by these minorities and they introduce themselves as benchmark for all values while considering freedom, justice and democracy as what they introduce to others. Any country or nation who defies them and wants to live independently is pressured by them,” President Ahmadinejad underlined.

President Ahmadinejad has on many occasion underlined the necessity and need for the establishment of a new world order, saying that the current unjust order has failed to resolve global problems and, thus, reached its end.

He added that corrupt rulers are trying to maintain their power through intimidation, pressure, misinformation and propaganda campaign.

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