President Ahmadinejad: War, gun will not breed democracy

fathi20120719104215640Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says democracy will never be achieved by use of weapons, waging war and massacre of people.

According to Press TV, Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with the new Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud on Saturday “When the Western enemies and some of their regional allies, which have no understanding of democracy, speak of democracy in Syria unrest, the false nature of these claims is proved to everyone.”
The Iranian president added that people will without doubt achieve victory and a terrible future awaits the enemies of the nations.
Ahmadinejad pointed out “Experience shows that Western enemies are merely after their interests and those who follow their footsteps should know that a good fate does not await them.”
The Syrian ambassador, for his part, said the hegemonic countries and their allies, which have targeted the economic, political and cultural interests of the Syrian nation, seek to weaken the resistance against Zionist regime.
Mahmoud added that the Syrian nation’s awareness of the conspiracies of the United States and other enemies has resulted in the failure of those conspiracies.
During the meeting, the Syrian ambassador also submitted his credentials to Ahmadinejad and expressed his country’s readiness to develop cooperation with Iran in all areas.

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