President Al-Assad: Syria Will Turn to A Resistance State

lvl220130509120134Visitors to Damascus revealed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad assured that his country “was easily able to satisfy and breathe the angriness of its people as well as allies by targeting “Israel” and firing few missiles, in response to the recent “Israeli” raid.”
According to al-Akhbar Lebanese daily, al-Assad highlighted that “Israel” doesn’t seek war. “If we responded to the “Israeli” aggression, it would be viewed as a blow-for-blow “.

“The international situation does not allow the agitation of a war, which neither the US nor “Israel” want,” he added.
In parallel, the head of the Syrian state said: “We seek a strategic retaliation, by opening the door to resistance and turning Syria to a country of resistance.”
“After the raid, we are now convinced that we are now fighting the enemy; pursue its soldiers deployed in our country.”
Meanwhile, the visitors mentioned that al-Assad expressed “very high confidence, satisfaction and great thanks to Hizbullah’s rationality, loyalty, and steadfastness.”
“Thus, we decided to give him everything, “al-Assad said.

The Syrian President further stated: “For the first time, we felt that we live unity with Hizbullah and not only being an ally that we helped for his resistance.”
“Accordingly, we have decided to move forward and turn to a resistant state like Hizbullah for the sake of Syria and the future generations,” he concluded.

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