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President: Persian Gulf is symbol of peace and brotherhood

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a message to Persian Gulf International Art and Culture Festival, said that the name of Persian Gulf is a symbol of peace and brotherhood.
The president appreciated work of organizers of the festival and expressed hope that the organizers can expand the work in international arena.
He said that importance and status of the Persian Gulf in establishing great culture and civilization of Iran and its effects on human civilization has caused many historians to call the area as ‘cradle of civilization’.
The message continued that although some people have closed their eyes on this thousand-year reality, the fact is that the area contains valuable treasures of myths, epics and durable ideas; treasures protection and commemoration of which, as symbols of peace and brotherhood, is a duty of all Iranians.
The president said it is certain that the achievements of the valuable move will be an honor of the next generations and Iranians in the future will remember the event with honor.
At the end of the message, the president said he appreciates work of all artists, historians, authors, scientists, researches and organizers of the festival and hopes that all these people will be able to expand their work in an international arena.

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