Pro-Palestine Asian convoy arrives in Syrian capital

An international Asian convoy of pro-Palestine activists has arrived in Syria, en route to al-Quds (Jerusalem) to mark the Palestinian Land Day, Press TV reports.

The activists arrived in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Saturday.

The Asian convoy is part of the Global March to al-Quds, which is scheduled to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day on March 30.

The peace activists received a warm welcome from Syrians upon arrival in Damascus, a Press TV correspondent reported. They arrived in Syria after passing through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India.

Khaled Abdulmajeed, head of the preparatory committee for the march, told Press TV on Saturday that activists from 60 countries will participate in the event.

Abdulmajeed said al-Quds will “always be the capital of Palestine.”

The Global March to al-Quds also condemns the Israeli occupation of the holy Palestinian city.

On March 30, 1976, Zionist Slaughterer Israeli troops killed six Palestinians during a protest against the Zionist Slaughterer Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands.

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