Pro-Palestine Scots condemn “shameful” Israel football fixture

In the Scottish city of Glasgow, pro-Palestine activists decended on Hampden Park football stadium to denounce Friday’s Nations League fixture between Scotland’s national football team and the club of the Israeli regime.

Organised by ‘Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign’, the protest comes amid recent violent escalation against Gaza and further Israeli encroachment on Palestinian lands.

Normally, passionate Scots would be chanting in support of the Scottish team, but this time, the match is being played behind closed doors. 

However, pro-Palestine activists have showed in force; condemning the team over its refusal to acknowledge Palestines plea against a team which represents a regime with Arab blood on its hands.

Speaking to protesters, it was clear that they felt totally ashamed of Scotland’s Football Association for allowing this controversial match on Scottish soil.

In a heartfelt plea posted on YouTube earlier this year, Palestinian players urged for a boycott of any tie with Israel, claiming that Palestinian athletes are subjected to oppression and terrorism.

The protesters may be powerless to stop Israel’s crimes but they did answer the Palestinian call to action – proving Palestine’s team can still score points, even if its off the football pitch.

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