Protests against zionist puppet Bahraini Regime continue across Bahrain

Anti-regime protests have been held in several cities across Bahrain as the Al Khalifa regime continues its crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in the country.

Thousands of demonstrators held a sit-in in the village of Muqsha, west of the capital Manama, on Friday to demand the ouster of Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

“Get out, Khalifa!” they chanted, referring to the premier who has been holding the post for the past four decades.

The Muqsha demonstration was organized by the main opposition group al-Wefaq.

“We don’t want an appointed government, we want a prime minister who serves the people,” al-Wefaq leader Sheikh Ali Salman told the crowd.

Overnight protests were also held in several other towns and villages. Demonstrators called for the downfall of the Al Khalifa. Regime forces responded to the protesters with tear gas.

Bahrain has been gripped by anti-regime demonstrations since February 2011. The Manama regime has been crushing the protests using harsh security tactics that have so far killed dozens of people and injured many more.

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