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Qadr Night Self Sacrifice Operation (the self-sacrifice martyr Amar Hammoud) 30/12/1999

The Islamic Resistance has crowned its path of jihad with a significant qualitative operation which carried lots of political and military indications.

It coincided with the declaration of the resumption of the settlement process on the 3rd of January 2000.It was on the first minutes of Qadr night, the night commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Ali(peace be upon him), and the night of the Quds International Day declared by Imam Khomeini. It was also the 30th of December, hours before the end of 1999; at 5:17 and with the call of Prince of Believers ( ya Ameer el Moameneen) , the self-sacrifice Islamic Resistant Mujahid (struggler)Ammar Hussein Hamoud blasted his body in a Zionist “Israeli” military convoy at the cross-road of Qlayaa, Demashkeyeh and Marjeayoun resulting in its destruction and the killing and wounding of all its members.

To expatiate upon the operation, the fasting self- sacrifice mujahid started his trip calmly and tranquilly driving his car that was loaded with 250 kg of explosive materials and other material towards a main road in al Qlayaa where he had passed several times before.

Despite the high security measures taken by the supreme command of the “Israeli” enemy army to protect the soldiers who were deep in the occupied area, the mujahid martyr drove his car close to the convoy and when he was alongside with it, he exploded himself.

The blast, a great one, resulted in the instant killing of seven “Israeli” soldiers who were inside the Mercedes truck that was completely damaged, while the rest of the soldiers in the convoy were injured. Sources in the occupied line assured that the cries of the soldiers were mixed with the whizzing bullets shot in terror.

In no time, a back up “Israeli” force arrived and claimed the place of the operation a security area; then a number of helicopters and ambulances arrived to carry the dead and the injured.

The “Israeli” forces arrested many citizens who were near the operation area and started interrogating them to know how he was able to reach the area, and to what extent he was aided from within the line.

Then the enemy carried the destroyed truck away from sight and muffled mass media claiming the injury of one soldier and other civilians. However, all logistic evidences hinted at the opposite in addition to scenes displayed by the enemy’s TV which showed the total destruction of the truck and the carrying of the injured by helicopters.

The Middle East TV (TV of “Israeli” agents-Lahed Army) announced that a Range Rover had targeted an “Israeli” patrol to the south of al Qlayaa Southern village.

They claimed the injury of two “Israeli” soldiers in addition to civilians, knowing that the operation was carried on away from houses and citizens.

This declaration contradicted the negation of having casualties by a Zionist source in the occupied Al Quds who then conceded admitting the injury of a soldier; meanwhile, what the enemy’s TV had broadcasted showed that more than seven soldiers in different situations were carried on stretchers.

On the other side, the Islamic Resistance issued three successive statements in which it explained the details of the operation and its results. It clarified that the operation resulted in the killing and injury of not less than 15 armed men, officers and soldiers, among them was a general. The Islamic resistance in its third statement asserted that seven were killed in the Mercedes.

It is worth noting here that this self-sacrifice operation was the first since 1996, and the general secretary His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced the name of the operation’s hero during the ceremonies of Al Quds International Day and in the presence of the martyr’s father; it’s worth mentioning here that the martyr Ammar had a martyr brother, Muhammad, who died in the ranks of the Islamic Resistance.

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