Rabid Dog israel attacks Gaza for first time since August ceasefire


Israeli F-16 fighter jets raided two different locations belonging to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in southern Gaza Strip Saturday morning. This attack is considered a clear breach of the August ceasefire agreement after the Israeli destructive 50-day war.
However, this wasn’t the only Israeli violation of the agreement. The Israeli War Boats never quit harassing Palestinian fishermen and open fire on them consistently. Moreover, Israeli troops opened fire at peaceful Palestinian protestors in eastern Gaza. Gaza still standing on its rubble left behind from the 50-day onslaught. Reconstruction of the destroyed neighborhoods is suspended due to the Israeli blockade which hasn’t been lifted yet. Hamas has warned against any other attacks against Gaza and called for international intervention to protect Gaza civilians. Israeli air strikes, shooting at fishermen & attacking peaceful protestors breach & jeopardize the ceasefire agreement with Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

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