Rabid dog Israel gives go-ahead for forced displacement of Palestinian families


Israeli lawmakers have initially approved a piece of legislation that gives the go-ahead for the forced displacement of the family members of Palestinians accused of launching anti-Israel attacks.

The Wednesday approval is expected to enable the forced displacement within the West Bank of the family members of the Palestinians allegedly attacking Israeli forces.

A statement from the Israeli parliament noted the bill was voted 69-38 in a stormy session, during which Arab lawmakers were expelled from the chamber for “disrupting procedures”.

The bill would enable the Israeli regime to expel family members from one West Bank location to another within seven days of an attack, or attempted attack, by their relative.

It will now be debated and voted upon in the parliament’s foreign and defense committee, before returning to the chamber for final readings by lawmakers.

The move was initiated by Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s rightist party Jewish Home, which described Wednesday’s vote “a huge step in the right direction” aimed at “ensuring the security of Israel”.

The regime’s ministry of judicial affairs, however, said such legislation would violate both Israeli and international law.

“There is legal prevention from advancing this proposed legislation,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday. “In addition, this proposal creates significant difficulties in the international arena.”

Even if passed, the legislation could subsequently be blocked if a legal challenge is launched successfully at the regime’s high court.

Another disputed bill, also tabled by the Jewish Home party, was on Wednesday approved in a preliminary reading by 61 votes to 47.

The bill is aimed at legalizing unauthorized housing within settlements recognized as lawful by Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week that he would seek to “legalize” thousands of settler homes without Israeli permits in the occupied West Bank.

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