Rafsanjani: Iranians Never Succumb to Pressures


Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani underlined the country’s preparedness to adopt confidence-building measures in relations with other states, but meantime, said the Iranian nation will never succumb to pressures.
Addressing a group of elites and academics in Tehran on Wednesday, Rafsanjani said the westerners have come to the conclusion that they should talk to powerful and influential Iran based on logic and reason because history has proved that Iranians will never succumb to pressure and force and the country cannot be ignored in political equations.

He also underlined that Iran has proved that it is ready for confidence building, expecting the other party to move on the path of law.

“Iran has repeatedly proved its readiness to build trust to the world; however, the other parties’ deeds and actions should be on the path of law,” Rafsanjani said.

Also last month, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said his country is not fearful of enemy pressures and will continue to reinvigorate its army to have a stronger support for the Islamic Republic.

“We are not fearful of the enemy pressures,” the president said addressing military parades in Southern Tehran, and added, “Iranians are a peace-loving nation that has, does and will never plan to invade any other country because we do not want to have more food at the table through launching war and manufacturing weapons like what is done by some western countries that gain more food for their table by (shedding) the blood of other nations.”

Yet, the president said Iran would continue resistance against pressures, relying on its own industrious efforts and economy.

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