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Rain of Qadir Confab in Iran


Eid El-Qadir is a historic day in Islam. 14 centuries ago, on the 18th of month of Zi al-Hajjah, on his way back from his last Hajj pilgrimage, Prophet Mohammd received a revelation from God, ordering him to halt the pilgrims at a pond called Khum, and to designate Ali ibn Abi-Taleb as his successor in guiding and ruling Muslims. This day is celebrated by many Muslims; different ceremonies and rituals are held each year to commemorate this day.
The 5th conference of Rain of Qadir has been held in the Iranian capital, Tehran to peruse different dimensions of Imam Ali’s life. The conference hosted renowned poets from five countries including Lebanon and Pakistan. The poets, some of whom were not Muslims, dedicated their love to Ali ibn Abi Taleb through their poems. “Maula” is an Arabic word, the various meanings of which were employed by those who despised Islam to trigger an indelible schism in the nascent Muslim community, dividing it into two separate sects. According to the organizer of the event, this conference aims to boost solidarity between Muslims. According to the historical accounts, Prophet Mohammad united the chaotic and most segregated community by the soothing word of Allah (God), which became the symbol of Muslims’ solidarity. One God meant one people, no more tribal dispute.

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