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Randy Short: US run by maniacal people


The US National Security Agency’s spying activities show that the US is run by “a maniacal group of people” who “has always been obsessed with secrecy and spying,” says Randy Short with the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization.

Last week, The Washington Post reported that documents obtained from former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials showed the NSA infiltrates the main communication links that connect Yahoo and Google’s data centers outside the US.

In response to the report, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said such spying activities were “outrageous” and potentially illegal if proved true.

In a phone interview with Press TV on Monday, Randy Short said the NSA’s spying activities share the same origins with other “mechanisms to keep the African-Americans from ever having human rights as well as to exterminate the Native Americans.”

“So, we have a security state that is as old as the group of white male terrorist killers, called paddy rollers, who would go around murdering and beating and torturing and spying on people,” he said.

“This is what Anglo-Americans are. It’s a maniacal group of people who have wealth and power, who’ve gained it over the last few centuries.”

Short also said that those who take other people’s “power or resources” want to “keep things in the order where people are oppressed and unable to resist.”

“What’s happening to Europe and other nations of the world [is that] people are beginning to wake up to the extreme paranoia [and] to the maniacal obsessive need for power in an insecure empire backed by a dying dollar,” he added.

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