Razavi Shrines Lecturer: Carnal Desires lead to Hell



Saying that keeping away from sins will provide the human’s nature with more spirituality, member of assembly of experts said, “Carnal desire will lead man to the hell.”

Hujjat al-Islam Mohsen Kazerouni, in his lecture series held at Imam Khomeini’s (A.S.) portico, elaborated on the importance of abstinence and its impact on the keeping of faith. He also said, “Private abstinence is a sign of faith light in man’s heart.”

Saying that abstinence can be found in thoughts, actions and sayings of people, he said, “Humans must be careful about their words, acts and intentions in a way that they have full safety in the hereafter. If we don’t commit sins, there would be no abstinence or piety. The reality of abstinence is that the humans have the possibility and ability of doing unlawful jobs but they do not do them.”

Hujjat al-Islam Kazerouni added, “If man spends all of his life in God’s way and follows all He wants, the path toward success will be very easy and he will be guided by the real followers of Allah and become blissful.”

“Abstinence must be real because it cannot be hidden. In fact, it divulges in thoughts and mentalities. Devout people always obey Allah’s orders and get His spirituality by receiving divine light”, the member of the assembly of experts said.

“Abstinence means having chastity in acts, thinking, hearing and seeing and those who can have such a characteristic will be automatically attached to the source of Allah’s light”, Kazerouni reiterated.

Controlling the soul was introduced as the basis of piety by the Razavi Shrine’s lecturer. He also said, “Doing all the religious musts and giving all the evils up in privacy is the main path toward human’s happiness in both this world and the hereafter.”

He added, “Abstinence is higher than piety because in abstinence in addition to doing all the religious musts, unlawful, abomination and even actions whose doing is neither commanded nor blamed are avoided. Also, in abstinence there is no difference between acts and thinking of the person whether when he is among people or when he is alone.”

Saying that abstinence revives all the good and featured characteristics in man and takes him away from the Satan’s traps, Kazerouni stressed, “Those with a higher level of faith and more transparent soul are more pious.”

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