Recent Syrian Military Gains Will Have Aleppo, Raqqa Won Outright


This is not a farfetched analysis. We are predicting the Syrian Army, backed by popular forces, Iranian military advisers and Russian air power, will soon liberate Aleppo.

That’s because God says so. God says you cannot build an “American Caliphate” on corpses and plunder. God says you cannot murder, rape and mutilate your way to recognition. God also says those who follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness stand to win the battle against evil. And following their way to godliness is what Syrian Army forces and allies have been doing all this time.

As we speak, they are winning major battles against foreign-backed terrorist groups almost on every front, the latest being the key border towns of Nubl and Al-Zahra in Aleppo province, which is set to help re-establish Syria’s territorial sovereignty and stop the flow of terrorists from Turkey into the war-torn country.

True, only time will tell. But what we can say with confidence is that time is running out for the foreign-backed terrorists. Their patrons, mainly the United States, have backed off their “Assad must go” campaign and moved on to Plan B, which is trying to seize territory and establish bases in North-Eastern Syria that the US plans to occupy for as long as it can. The only problem is that the counter-terror Alliance of Syria, Iran, Russia and Lebanon’s Hezbollah are not prepared to accept anything that tampers with their regional interests and security.

That’s why the Alliance is not wasting time. Working together, they broke the Al-Qaeda-led siege on the Shiite towns of Nubl and Al-Zahra. As a consequence, their strategic advance has hurt Washington’s “moderate” terrorists in the north near the Turkish border, giving the Syrian military a better position with respect to long-contested Aleppo itself – the former financial and industrial capital of Syria.

But that’s just the beginning. The Alliance is battling its way to take Aleppo. After that, Raqqa – the self-proclaimed ISIL capital city – will be next on the list. Inevitably, this will make ISIL, Washington’s spawn, a target too, as well as the biggest loser in all of this. Make no mistake, the entire city and province of Aleppo will soon fall back under Syrian military control because this is destined to happen and the war cannot go on forever. Syria needs peace and the region needs peace, not tomorrow, not five years down the line, but now.

Little wonder ISIL’s patrons have become increasingly edgy. Despite the cheap anti-ISIL rhetoric, their reaction to the liberation of Nubl and Al-Zahra – as well as the potential blow to ISIL – has so far been overwhelmingly negative:

* The regime changers left the Geneva talks upon hearing the Syrian military gains
* They are still blasting Syria for retaking territory
* The Syrian military gains have imperilled their “moderate” head choppers
* They claim they want to invade Syria, which is silly at best
* They even wish to force regime change and risk fighting Russia, which is suicidal…

At this point, the regime changers, blinded by fierce regional ambitions, have jumped into despair, while their weakness in the battlefield as well as ignorance, cheapness, racism, desperation, cruelty, and brutality is keeping them – and their proxies – chained to the ground.

This is because just one day after bragging about sending troops to Syria, on Saturday, February 6, Bahrain and the UAE joined the Saudis in saying they would intervene only as part of a US-led ground invasion. In response, Washington said it would not send ground forces into Syria! And Bahrain said its ambassador’s words were misunderstood as it does not plan to have boots on the ground.

Meaning, we are not looking at an “epic war” that goes beyond the proxy war that has so far taken place in the five-year Syrian conflict. Iran and Russia are already present in Syria – through their advisors and air force – where the War Party and its minions would never dare risk a direct confrontation. Regardless of what the regime changers would like to wish, after taking Aleppo, the counter-terror Alliance will go after Raqqa and the “American Caliphate.” They know fighting is sure to result in victory. That’s why they fight.

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