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Religious seditions orchestrated by Zionism

n00130593-b“Religious seditions orchestrated by Zionism and the arrogant world,” said the Chief Organizer of the World Summit on the ‘Islamic Scholars and Awakening’.
Chief Organizer of the World Summit on the ‘Islamic Scholars and Awakening, Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Ali Karimian, in his visit to Taqrib News Agency, pointed to the unbridled situation in different Muslim countries such as Libya and said the enemies try their utmost to hold the spread of Islamic Awakening back, dashing Muslims’ hope for a united Ummah.

He pointed to Islamophobia and stressed such wave pervades much of the western societies, stoked recurring abominable moves toward the Islamic concepts, sites and book.

Unity is a precursor of achievement and power; given that, another problematic issue is “increasing altercations and rows among Muslims over minute differences,” stressed the religious scholar stating that all the foresaid policies target on unity in the Islamic World seeking its dissipation among Muslim nations.

Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Karimian pointed to the untenable situation in Syria and Palestine which is on the razor edge and said Zionism and Imperialism through predatory policies aimed at fanning the flame of distrust and dereliction among Muslims.

The seasoned religious cleric pointed up the key role of Islamic scholars in standing up to the Mendacious western policy and finding a solution for the present immutable chaos in Muslim countries.

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