Research: UK Muslims face worst job discrimination

A new study has found that Muslims are facing the worst discrimination in their quest for jobs in the UK.

The report published by The Independent was based on a research conducted by Dr. Nabil Khattab and Professor Ron Johnston with data from the Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey of more than half a million people.

The study says Muslim men are about 76 percent less lucky in their pursuit for a job compared to white, male British Christians with the same age and qualifications. The situation for Muslim women is almost as terrible. They are up to 65 percent less likely to find a job than white female Christians.

Focusing on 14 ethno-religious groups, the research has also found that the only group with better job opportunities compared to white British Christians is British Jews.

Abed Choudhury, from the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission blames a government and media discourse for “fueling the negative conception of Muslims within wider society.”

In his exclusive interview with Press TV, Chaudry said the report shows “the institutionalization of the anti-Muslim hatred in the UK.”

“This can be directly linked to the government and the media discourse discussing Muslims’ loyalty and presenting Muslims as the other, as the fifth column and as a threat to the UK”, Choudhury concluded.

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