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‘Roadmap’ reveals deadlier US drones

2da7c5a7adc11e378e9aaeaa5325768e_LThe Pentagon has unveiled its “roadmap” for future generation of unmanned vehicles, offering a glimpse into more sophisticated and lethal drones over the next 25 years.

The Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap, released last week, marks out several milestones which will see the US armed forces increasingly reliant on unmanned aircraft as well as water and ground-based robots in the coming decades.
The Department of Defense is looking to enhance the precision navigation, swarming munitions and increased autonomy of future drones, according to the document.
The satellite signals behind the Global Positioning System (GPS) which unmanned aircraft currently depend on for navigation are often weak and easily jammed. The Pentagon therefore has tasked the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to address the problem and work on the so-called pinpoint inertial guidance systems that are jam-proof.
The Pentagon also wants to see drone-carried munitions deliver much more powerful explosions through the use of “energetic nano-particles” as drone ammunition.

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