Rohani gives proposal to UN to annually monitor annihilation of nuclear weapons


In his address, the Iranian president said that NAM will present a resolution to the United Nations General Assembly to hold conferences on September 26 every year to monitor annihilation of weapons of mass destruction and that the Disarmament must be accomplished in the next five years.
He said that stopping manufacture of WMDs is not enough and that the nuclear weapons states must annihilate their stockpiles without procrastination.
President Rohani said that the world must be freed from weapons of mass destruction and that the global community must be handed over to the next generation without WMDs.
President Rohani said that Israel must join the Non-Proliferation Treaty without delay and the Middle East must be freed from weapons of mass destruction.
Iran has undertaken leadership of the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement, a major world body after the United Nations which calls for a permanent representation at the UN Security Council with veto power as the same as the five veto powers — the US, UK, France, China and Russia.
NAM Leaders said at Tehran Summit in 2012 that the UN Security Council is the defunct relic of World War II lacking legitimacy to govern the international community.
They said that the current composition of the Security Council has major flaws and that the body registered many failures to guarantee security of the developing nations.
The NAM Leaders called for a permanent representation at the Security Council with veto power.
As the current NAM leader, President Rohani told the Conference on Disarmament that the NAM member states are worried about the threats being posed by stockpiles of WMDs to the international peace and security.
He said that the NAM member states want not to see repetition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
No one can claim clean hand possessing the dirty weapons. Lets build peace for humanity and free the international community from WMDs. Lets spend the money for education, health and welfare rather than manufacturing WMDs.

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