Rouhani calls on nations for combat against extremism, terrorism

81179400-5722314Referring to discord, injustice, aggression, and extremism as greatest imposed problems of disbelief front against Islamic world, Iranian president here Tuesday called on world Muslims to set aside differences and unite in confrontation with those plots.
Rouhani calls on nations for combat against extremism, terrorism
“The Islamic Republic of Iran extends a hand of brotherhood towards the entire Islamic nations for unity, brotherhood, solidarity and full harmony in confrontation with the plots hatched by the disbelief front, and meanwhile invites the whole mankind to participate in campaign against aggression, extremism and terrorism,” said President Hassan Rouhani.

The Iranian president made the comments in a brief address in the presence of the Supreme Leader, system officials, foreign guests, etc. on the auspicious occasion of the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s appointment by God as His Messenger.

He said that the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (P) as the Messenger of Allah was a great historical movement and a blessing for proper usage of sound mind based divine revelations.

“The Grand Prophet of Islam (P) attracted the hearts with his kindness and brought the souvenirs of knowledge, nobility, and spirituality for the mankind,” he added.

The president said that even the essence of greatest miracle of the Prophet (P) is words, logic, and reasoning, and those were the means he resorted to throughout his prolific and eventful lifespan.

“He was the trusted Prophet (P) for great secrets and linked with the sky, but he never distanced himself from rationalism and collective wisdom,” said the Iranian president.

Rouhani said that the Grand Prophet of Islam (P) both in wars and during the peace time relied on wisdom and sound reasoning. “In case of the Hudaibiyyah Peace Treaty (signed with the infidels), which the shortsighted believed was unjust, he achieved a victory thanks to signing that peace treaty which could not have been gained even in 100 wars.”

The Treaty of Hudaibiyyah was an important event that took place during the formation of Islam. It was a pivotal treaty between Prophet Muhammad (P), representing the state of Medina, and the Quraish Tribe of Mecca in March 628 (corresponding to Dhu al-Qiˈdah, 6 AH). It helped to decrease tension between the two cities, affirmed a 10-year peace, and authorized Prophet Muhammadˈs followers to return the following year in a peaceful pilgrimage, which was the Muslims’ first pilgrimage in their history.

The president added that Prophet Muhammad (P) was the messenger who managed to attract everyone’s hearts towards himself resorting to peace, lenience and observing fine ethical values, and was needless of capturing new territories and imposing his new religion on other nations forcefully.

“His blessed message used to attract everyone towards him; he signed treaties with the tribes and with disbelieves, thus both governing Medina, and teaching the ways of life to the future generations and to the Muslims,” he said.

Rouhani said that the Prophet of Islam (P) was the prophet of moderate approaches, nobility, learnedness, guidance, wellbeing, vivaciousness, and construction.

“Islam is not a religion of tolerating hardships and austerity, and the Prophet of Islam (P) was the prophet for both our material lives and for our Hereafter,” he said.

The president emphasized that today that the Islamic world is entangled with discord, injustice, aggression and extremism, it is more than ever before in need of the message of the Prophet’s appointment as the messenger of Allah, which is none but peaceful coexistence, friendship, and brotherhood.

Rouhani ended his message with a remembrance of the memories and the thoughts of the late Imam Khomeini (P) and with praying for the good health and success of the Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

“The Supreme Leader is the main axis of the system and for the maintenance of discipline in this country, as the government and the nation are both in need of the support, guidance, and continuous counseling of his eminence,” he said.

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