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Rouhani: ‘heroic leniency’ harder than ‘heroic Jihad’


Iran’s Rouhani has said ‘Heroic leniency’ has been harder than ‘heroic Jihad,’ what Imam Hassan did with the peace agreement with Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan.

At the opening session of Sibt-un-Nabi International Congress in Tehran, president Rouhani said that today “we need to learn ways to unity and peace following Imam Hassan’s path.”

“Today Imam Hassan’s peace should be upheld so that to learn from since he heard all sorrowful, hard, and painful words but withstood all,” said Rouhani.

“We need a movement which blurs the sectarian borders and restrictions in the Islamic world; Shiites and Sunni clerics need such movement against violence, atrocity, and murder to echo message of peace and unity and overcome extremism,” he told the meeting.

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