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Rouhani Says US Sanctions Had No Effect: “All Bullets Were Used Before”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Saturday that U.S. sanctions announced last week have had no effect on Iran’s economy because Washington had already practically reimposed them earlier.

“The sanctions have had no impact on our economy because America had already used all the weapons at its disposal and there was nothing new to use against us,” the Iranian president said during a live speech in Tehran.

“Whatever bullets the Americans had, they had been used before against the Iranian nation and they had nothing new to offer.”

“It was also revealed that the Americans cannot reduce Iran’s oil export to zero. The officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran were saying from the first day that Americans are not able to reduce Iran’s oil export to zero, but they kept repeating that they would do this and they recently admitted that the cannot reduce Iran’s oil export to zero,” added Rouhani.

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