Rouhani stresses expansion of oil export

IMG13160980 (2) Iran’s president has visited southern island of Kish during Norouz, Iranian New Year, holidays and stressed expansion of oil export from southern shorelines.
Hassan Rouhani said that “during pre-Islamic Revolution years Kish Island was a single family’s property however it is now belonging to the whole nation.”

Rouhani visited Kish hospital, Kish Wharf, parks and on the sidelines of his visits told reporters that “government wants to expand oil exportation beyond Persian Gulf to Gulf of Oman as well.”
During the visit Rouhani pointing to the programs of government of ‘prudence and hope’ in southern provinces maintained that “government is committed to develop Jask to an important oil terminal in Gulf of Oman in the future.”

Rouhani pointed to the quadrilateral meetings in Kabul between Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and said that “during the meetings with the other Persian speaking countries we came upon an agreement to develop Jask and Chabahar ports.”

“Development of southern provinces is governmental agenda which was also emphasized in the previous trip to south in Hormozgan,” reiterated Rouhani.

President of the Islamic Republic asserted that “Free Zones of the country are proper for ‘resistance economy'” which the Leader stressed and should be recognized by all Iranians.

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