Rouhani: Threatening Iranians, nonsense, childish


Iran’s president Dr Hassan Rouhani on the 35th anniversary of Islamic Revolution has called threatening Iranians as nonsense and childish behavior.
On February 11, Bahman 22, Iranians annually celebrate Islamic Revolution triumph. This occasion marks the end of western backed monarchy of Shah regime and start of the Islamic Republic.

To celebrate this victory people take into streets in Tehran and all other cities across the country. In the capital people march from different departures towards Azadi Square – Liberty Square.

Rouhani gave a speech Tuesday morning at Azadi Square to the public attending the rally holding that Feb 11 – Bahman 22 – is a victoriuos day for Iranians all around the world and also the pro-liberty people of all countries.

He said “Feb 11 – Bahman 22 – victory of 1979 was not belonging to a single ethnic or one single political party but it was a triuamph for the Iranian unified nation.”

“After the Revolution the whole nation remained united through the 8 years of Sacred Defense, resisting the invading enemy. Yet after the imposed war years and during the peace time people stood unified with each other.” added he.

President also said that “our revolution has never depended upon any foreign power, nor a super power. When the world was ruled by the two superpowers, Iranians did never depend upon them but resisted by religious, Islamic motivations.”

“The Shah regime was seeking washing off the religious signs from the country but our nation, following Imam Khomieni’s slogan of Liberty and Independence, has got closer to their revolutionary ideologies. “ added he.

Iran’s president also referred to the last presidential elections believing that “nation’s participation in the elections proves their loyalty to the Islamic Revolution.”

He also asserted that “our negotiations with the P5+1 have all been based on Iranians’ peace seeking nature.” Rouhani went on saying that “we wanted to convey Leader’s Fatwa to the whole world during the negotiation and also help them understand Iranophobia project is a big lie.”

“While negotiating with the world powers we want to say them sanctions against Iranians are so mean and anti-human; such sanctions can not be continued like this against the Iranian nation and we here say loudly to the world that any threat against Iranian nation is nonsense and childish behavior because through the last 35 years we have proved we resist against any threatening and we will triumph.” reiterated the president.

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