‘Sacred Defense epic, a never-ending asset for Iranians’

Sacred Defense epic

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has announced that the Sacred Defense epic amounts to a never-ending asset for the Iranian nation in countering the enemy.

According to IRIB World Service, citing IRNA, in a statement on Saturday, marking the 33rd anniversary of the break out the war imposed by the former Iraqi Ba’th minority regime on Iran, IRGC noted that the decisive triumph of Islamic Revolution in the face of challenges, and the elevation of the sacred Islamic system are both the result of the Sacred Defense epic.
This statement partly read that the Sacred Defense has been a never-ending asset which in the recent two decades has immuned the Islamic Revolution in the face of problems and crises resulting from the enemies’ schemes, especially in the face of sanctions and threats leveled by the Global Arrogance.
This statement referred to Islamic Awakening and resistance as the outcomes of the Sacred Defense in the regional and trans-regional scenes, while adding that the Sacred Defense is a valuable treasure and a major backbone in the confrontation of the downtrodden against oppressors and the standoff of the World of Islam and hegemonic powers.
This statement points out that based on historical experience, the intelligent monitoring of the US double standards is necessary and inevitable for Iran’s diplomacy apparatus within the framework of national interests.

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