Salehi Turns Down Clinton’s Offer for Iran-US Direct Talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Saturday rejected a recent offer made by his US counterpart Hillary Clinton for the resumption of ties and direct talks between Tehran and Washington, saying US officials show first prove their honesty.

“As long as you are not honest in your intention, talks would be meaningless,” Salehi said, addressing the US officials and their latest offer for direct talks between Tehran and Washington.

Salehi, who was speaking to reporters at a press conference after a meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan’s Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani here in Tehran, further blasted the US for uttering paradoxical views and remarks.

“We have heard a lot of such remarks, but these statements are, unfortunately, full of contradictions. On one hand they voice interest, and on the other they utter words which are not parallel with their primary remarks.”

“As long as these contradictions exist and they are not honest in their intention, negotiations will certainly have no meaning,” he reiterated.

Salehi reminded Tehran’s policy for having strong relations with all the world states, except the Zionist regime, “but establishing relations would be meaningful when the two sides enter talks on equal footings and without any prerequisite”.

“The time has not yet arrived (for Tehran-US talks) as Americans are unfortunately still speaking boldly,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

“We hope that the day will come when logic and rationality would prevail over the US foreign policy,” he said.

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