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Sarajevo citizens continue protests


2014 certainly did not start well for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Month after protests in February turned violent and resulted in huge damage of government property, Sarajevo citizens are not giving up and still believe that their voice will bring changes to the country.
Although the number of protesters largely decreased over the past few days, the most persistent ones continue to gather every day to express their dissatisfaction with the economic situation. “Armed” with whistles and banners, protesters in the city center shouted “Thieves!” and “Resignation!” Although protesters blocked the street briefly, heavy police forces in Sarajevo secured the streets and prevented the protesters from blocking the main crossroads on Friday. Protesters called for more official resignations after four cantonal prime ministers resigned after protests on February 7th. None of the four cantonal governments has been appointed since then. The citizens plenums are demanding the formation of expert governments. Month after the violent protests in February, citizens are still on the streets in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina demanding their rights.

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