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Satanic US Press Secretary: Trump wants to ‘destabilize’ the Middle East


The U.S. Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, had quite the Tuesday, as he made not one, but two mistakes while issuing public statements.

During Spicer’s press conference on Tuesday, the White House Spokesperson told reporters that “not even Hitler used chemical weapons against his own people,” sparking heavy criticism from the international community.

Spicer would issue a formal apology during another interview later in the day; however, his interview was plagued by another mishap in which he stated U.S. President Donald Trump was destabilizing the Middle East.

“I came out to make sure we stay focused on what the president is doing and his decisive action. I needed to make sure that I clarified, and not was in any shape or form any more of a distraction from the president’s decisive action in Syria and the attempts that he is making to destabilize the region and root out ISIS out of Syria,” Spicer said, as quoted by The Hill.

Later in the interview, however, Spicer clarified that the U.S. wants to “bring stability” to the region.

“Our number one priority is to make sure we bring stability to the region and root out ISIS,” he said.

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