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Saudi Vietnam: Cutting and Running From Yemen


What goes on in the war on Yemen is more like a nightmare for the House of Saud.

The situation for the terror-mongers is so dangerous and so bad that soon their media will be forced to confess that just like in the Vietnam era, the drumbeats of Saudi defeat are finally being heard from Sana’a. The Obama officials and military men have failed to complete their mission of ‘Saudification’ of Yemen and just like in Vietnam this is a point of no return for them all.

In the wake of the House of Saud’s growing credibility gap, their officials and military men are under immense pressure from all directions to come up with a “new” plan to win the illegal war “quickly”, which is clearly a failed strategy being re-imagined as a successful one.

Ground invasion proposals, trial balloons, op-eds, hints, clues and suggestions of every sort have suddenly started to rain down on the Saudis. It turns out there is hardly a major mainstream figure anywhere who has not have some kind of “invasion” proposal in his pocket. The plan, by a shift of tactical priorities, is meant to create the look of “victory” and not “defeat” for the world to see.

The majority of Saudi politicians have come to the conclusion that they have to end the war quickly. They are also concerned their decision might become synonymous with cowardice in public opinion, or, in a classic phrase of the Vietnam era, cutting and running.

Everyone now knows they had planned several months ahead of the war. For that reason and no other, they will certainly try to come up with a similar strategy for a swift end to the war that is not synonymous with cowardice and defeat.

Saudi officials are aware that their military might is not a force for good and they cannot turn the tide of opinion in the region. They are aware they cannot manage the current crisis and that the people of Yemen, both Shias and Sunnis, do not have any intension to let them win the war. While difficult, resisting interventionism won’t be futile.

Little wonder United Nations officials, the same vassals that intentionally ignored the dangers of airstrikes in the first place, are now calling for a ceasefire. They know the bombardments of civilian infrastructure have failed to give the expected results on the much-anticipated plan for ‘Saudification’ of Yemen.

The realities of the moment are, in a sense, simple and strange all at once. The grandiose preparations for regional military and energy domination hatched by a group of utopian thinkers in Washington, aided and abetted by native dreamers and schemers in the Persian Gulf, and meant to begin but hardly end in Yemen, have by now run aground on the shoals of reality.

In a nutshell, this war is Vietnam for the House of Saud. Whatever anyone is saying now, it’s a fair bet that events will outpace the American-Saudi fantasies in the explosive months to come. It’s a spell, and it’s almost impossible to break.

To avoid this likely nightmare, the best option for President Barack Obama and his Saudi vassals is a complete halt to their campaign of terror, tyranny, death and chaos, and leaving Yemen to its people.

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