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Sayyed Nasrallah Mocks IOF: They Can’t Escape Defeat despite Capabilities

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said Sunday the Israeli military cannot escape defeat despite its apparent capabilities, stressing that thousands of Israeli troops were now seeking mental health treatment.

“The Israeli army has developed much of its capabilities and acquired state-of-the-art missiles and military hardware, it cannot yet evade defeat,” Sayyed Nasrallah said in a speech marking the first anniversary of the Second Liberation of the Syrian border from the ISIL and Al-Nusra front control.

Mocking Israeli weakness, Sayyed Nasrallah cites increase in Israeli soldiers’ psychiatric visits saying “the Israeli leadership knows that it is difficult to recruit people to serve in combat units. They lack the willingness to sacrifice of past days. They lack the motivation to endanger themselves. The studies also show that the soldiers find it difficult to cope with the lack of trust between them and the officers. More and more soldiers are seeking release (from service) on mental health grounds and the army is unable to recover from its sense of defeat.” “This army has not launched a new campaign since 2006,” Hezbollah’s S.G. added.

Only last year, His eminence said, some 44,000 Israeli soldiers were treated by psychiatrists.

Sayyed Nasrallah then praised Lebanese youths for the outstanding courage they demonstrated in the North Lebanon battles.

“Foreign media outlets are seeking to intimidate our nation by over-counting the number of our martyrs. Those who think they can overawe our people are delusional. We’ve been fighting for seven years now and our environment has not shown any weariness but rather further embracement and support. There is no place in Lebanon for an occupier nor a future for those who have expansion ambitions as long as our people cling to freedom, liberation, sovereignty and dignity,” Hezbollah leader said in the ceremony called “Glory & Victory”, held in Hermel, Northern Al-Bekaa.

This victory was made by the army-people-resistance golden equation, he said.

“The residents of the region, the residents of Bekaa and the resistance took a quick decision to confront terrorism inside Lebanese and Syrian territories because the government was confused back then and unable to take a decision.” “Despite a political decision confusion, the Lebanese army took a defensive position and made sacrifices, offered martyrs,” Sayyed Nasrallah stated.

Should we take a decision regarding any major operation in Syria, his eminence said, one signal is enough for our youth to flood battlefields, because they have enough awareness

His eminence wondered that had Al-Nusra and ISIL triumphed in Syria, where would have the Lebanese people been now? “What would have been the fate of all countries in the region had ISIL and the similar groups won the battle in Syria and Iraq?” “Those who had bet on ISIL are being demonized by the group itself.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also warned against a false flag chemical attack in Syria’s northern province of Idlib as a pretext for airstrikes against the Syrian government.

He accused the West of orchestrating a chemical attack in order to attack Syria while choosing to remain silent in the face of crimes against the children in Yemen.

“All data indicates that a new chemical play in Idlib is underway. At the time the West is looking for an excuse to launch a military aggression on Syria, it is turning a blind eye to the crimes being committed against Yemeni children. Nobody knows into what abyss [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman is plunging Saudi Arabia and its dear nation in,” Hezbollah leader said.

Turning to the internal Lebanese situation and to the United States’ support for the campaign inside Lebanon, he said Washington intervened to prevent the Lebanese army from fighting the terrorist organizations.

His eminence assured that the United States has always offered financial support and funneled weapons to ISIL militants, saying, “US forces intervened to stop Lebanese army from launching a military operation against ISIL in al-Joroud area (the northern outskirts at the borders with Syria). At any time ISIL terrorists were besieged in an area in Syria, the US combat helicopters would land to rescue them.” “MOC (Military Operations Center) in Jordan had even led terrorist groups operations in South of Syria.”

Hezbollah’s S.G. indicated that the US does not care at all about the interests of regional states in the Middle East, emphasizing that Washington never stands by its allies and simply views them as its tools in order to attain its own goals.

On the inflammatory rhetoric against Hezbollah which intensified ever since parliamentary elections, Sayyed Nasrallah said there’s a plot against the party to hold it responsible for every deteriorating situation at every level. “There’s a campaign being launched via social media to distort Hezbollah’s image in front of its environment,” he said, but warned “those who think they can intimidate our popular incubator are delusional.”

“The goal of the plot against Lebanon is to hold it responsible at all levels for the deteriorating situation in the country, he said, adding that “claims that Hezbollah is now in control of Lebanon’s decisions are aimed at pinning the blame on the party for all the current situations.” “No one of us imposes his policies and orientation on the other.”

We are modestly the largest party in Lebanon, but we have the least representation in the political arena, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated.

“Our enemies are convinced that the war with Hezbollah is useless and hard, so they see the solution in targeting it before its people,” he said, calling upon those who had any evidence of corruption against the party to provide it to well-known secretariat offices.

“We bet on intra-Lebanese dialogue for the formation of the new government as the time is ticking away,” he said, warning against creating ‘new obstacles’ in the government formation process. Let us postpone the debate over the relation with Syria and the ministerial policy statement until after the formation of the government, he urged, pointing out that “the relation between Hezbollah and President [Michel] Aoun is a relation of trust.”

Separately, Sayyed Nasrallah warned parties betting on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon against playing with fire.

“Some March 14 circles are saying that the main reason behind delaying the formation of the government is that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon will issue its ruling in September and that it will be against Hezbollah in which there will be a new situation in the country to capitalize on. I tell those betting on the tribunal: do not play with fire! The STL means nothing to us at all and its rulings are of no value regardless whether they are condemnation or acquittal rulings.”

Regarding Baalbek-Hermel area and development projects there, Sayyed Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah has agreed with [Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih] Berri to put forward a bill to form the Development Council of Baalbek-Hermel. He pointed that the consolidation of Hezbollah environment in Bekaa and the deep cooperation between Hezbollah and Amal shall be preserved.

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