Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim: the rehabilitation of Maysan province is a priority for the Citizen Alliance

Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim

Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, maintained that rehabilitation of Maysan province is a priority for the Citizen Alliance, considering the whole project as integral initiative involving all the services that may be provided for this province and its great citizens. The rehabilitation project designed for Maysan province is a small retribution against what the province has gone through. He noted that Maysan sits on a pool of oil, but still suffers greatly from the consequences of war that lasted eight years at the borders and within its territories, and that the Martyr of the Niche movement will recompense its productive and good candidates and will severally punish and show no mercy toward corruptors in case they abuse the trust and fail to fulfill the pledge they made before Allah and you, Allah forbid. According to him, “this commitment is a big responsibility and a heavy burden on our shoulders because we are confident, if Allah will, that we will measure up to such responsibility”, calling on the candidates of the Martyr of the Niche and the Citizen Alliance to dedicate themselves to serving the nation and the citizens and constituting a government at the service of the citizens, not the officials, a government that provides services not privileges and is composed of individuals who are willing to combat and sacrifice not to seize and exploit opportunities. He also confirmed that Martyr of the Niche movement shall take full responsibility for its candidates. This is the speech His Eminence delivered on Thursday, April 4, 2013 during the public event organized by the Citizen Alliance 411 in Maysan.
Service, environment and production utilities of Maysan must be fully rehabilitated
His Eminence stated that Maysan is asking neither for grants and donations, nor for poorly-done projects, yet it needs a complete rehabilitation for its service, environment and production utilities, which promoted the Citizen Alliance to adopt the rehabilitation project of Maysan and to put it on the top of priorities listed in its agenda for the purpose of advancing this generous province. His Eminence wondered, “how come that the half of the province lands, which should have been used for agricultural purposes, are still not cleared of the lethal mines? How come that in a province rich in oil, water and extended lands, the Maysan youth are unemployed and live in misery? How come that thousands of Maysan families whose governorate funds the central budget do not have appropriate houses of their own?”, showing that the course of the religious references since Sayyid Muhsin al-Hakim up to the present time has clearly defined how should the persons in high offices act: They must be active in field and work hard for the sake of service and communication, and not hide behind their posts. In this regard, he reminded that this course is the Martyr of the Niche and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim recommendation.
The Martyr of the Niche movement will engage in a fair competition with its fellows
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim showed that the achievements made in the new Iraq were not as big as expected, and that there might be a state of despair, pain, neglect or failure in some areas, but “we accepted the democracy as a course of action in our political arena”, he said, calling for investing it in order to make the change, move forward, reach the goal, and shut the door on depression and despair. He also called on the people to cast their votes at the ballot boxes, reiterating that no matter who is the winner, the important is that Maysan wins so it can keep on developing, forget about its mistakes and crises and make up for its misery. This is what the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement aim for, he stated, confirming that those will engage in a fair competition with their fellows, because the nation is their main interest and their slogan is “My Province First” and “Maysan First” since they know very well that “as long as our provinces are on top of our priorities, we will reach the Iraq and the nation we look forward to build.”
Maysan is the jewel of the South and needs planning to go off
As His Eminence pointed out, the Citizen Alliance made an integral plan for Maysan province based on the rehabilitation project of Maysan as well as other similar and complementary projects: The Alliance does not pretend resolving all the problems endured by the province, but it will ensure the province follows the right course. The Citizen Alliance found in Maysan province enormous resources and talents which lack in many other provinces, and even more importantly, qualified men regardless their political, intellectual or religious affiliation, whether they are part of the federal government or the current one, he stated. “Maysan is indeed the province of real men who are the builders now as they were Mujahideen then.”
Speaking of the electoral platform of the Citizen Alliance, his Eminence stressed that the Maysan province renowned for its richness in agricultural products, water, oil and men needs planning to go off and become the most precious southern province since it is the hidden jewel of the South. He also maintained that the Martyr of the Niche and the Citizen Alliance will work side by side with those who believe that Maysan is the jewel of the South and badly needs to be rehabilitated and adopt the rehabilitation project of Maysan, saying he is certain that Iraq will never lose dignity as long as there are men, marsh and tribes like those in Maysan.
Maysan, a city rooted in history
His Eminence stressed that Maysan has a special place in the heart of the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement: It is the city of water, marsh, papyrus, bravery, generosity, authenticity and history. “This province is rooted in history as it dates back to the Sumerian civilization. It was the homeland, the family and the clan”, he added. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said that, when he visits Maysan, he usually feels like he is one of its people and not just a visitor because in Maysan, the memories come rushing back when it comes to the marsh, the Mujahideen, the bravery, the sacrifice, the honor, the pride, the generosity and the resistance. He stated that those who are deeply involved with history will find that Maysan is the most ancient kingdom ever in Iraq, and Maysan pride and grandness were born from this ancient civilization. He confirmed that it has embraced the whole Iraqi fabric proving Iraq is the homeland of everyone, thus becoming the role model, the stronghold of the religious reference and the guardian of ideology and religion. Maysan has embraced everyone without surrendering to anybody, resisted against tyrants, subjugated the arrogant invaders and protected the zealous Iraqi citizens with its marshlands, canes and papyrus, adopting their revolution and jihad and sharing with them food and the dream of a free homeland, good state and proud people, he added. “Maysan people are our people, our beloved and the clan to which we belong, because we are from its marshlands and we walked with its men along the road of jihad and dignity”, his Eminence said. He explained that Maysan men have a bright history as is the history of their city and that the clans of Maysan had a lot of achievements that will be always engraved in the memory of this country and from which the next generations will draw lessons, saying that it is the right time now for Maysan to reap the fruits of its patience, resistance and sacrifice.

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