Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim Urges Religious Scholars to Act by Opposing to the Religious Pretenders

cbd185b560850722a07f45bbad0263b1Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the need to reject and oppose all the calls for sectarian discrimination and to denounce terrorism, takfir and identity-based mass murder. He said there is a need for peace, security and stability, and this will never be achieved unless everybody get all his due rights as national and human merit, and no one should have the credit for having given such rights since this is what all citizens, humans and religious fellows deserve. He also called on all Iraqis to consider the peaceful coexistence the main pillar to build Iraq and ensure its stability and progress, underlining the necessity of opposing to the Religious Pretenders, describing them as bands that violated the lives, monies and honor. Moreover, he prompted the nation’s religious scholars to act and unite the nation conforming to the principle of tolerance, coexistence and positive dialogue through wisdom and good sermon, stressing the need for unity and to return to the pure sources of Great Islam, not the distorted Islam stained by the personal interests, and warning again from the spread of the phenomenon of mass murder of innocent people through explosions and terrorist acts in all regions if they remain non-denounced. In a speech about pilgrimage delivered on his behalf Wedensday, 9/10/2013 in the sacred lands, his Eminence pointed out to the importance of the next elections, stressing the importance of the active participation in elections, since they are the evident way to achieve the ambitions of building Iraq and ensuring its progress, warning against abstaining from holding the elections since this establishes mistakes and setback. In addition, he considered elections as the way to achieve what is more important, i.e. the formation of a government representing the people’s will, offering services and achieving interests on all levels. To him, this what the Martyr of the Niche movement means by the citizen’s state, since the movement wants to promote progress, maintain prosperity, peace and security, provide job opportunities on all levels, and make Iraq redeem its natural position among the states. Sayyid al-Hakim confirmed that the stability of Iraq is contingent on that of the region, calling on all the countries of the region to open a new page in the relations with Iraq, stopping provocative acts launched from their territories against Iraq whether through political, financial, media or organizational support. Furthermore, his Eminence said that according to the Iraqi constitution, Iraq must be used as ground to commit aggressive acts against the other countries, calling on the countries of the region to undertake not perpetrate any aggressive acts against Iraq. He explained that what is happening in Syria is everybody’s concern, whether its influence is limited to the Syrian territories or moved to Iraq, considering the Syrian citizens as brothers linked to Iraq by the common history, blood, religion and neighborhood. Moreover, he called for fair dialogue to bring back security, peace and coexistence to Syria. The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said each of the pilgrimage rituals implies great and noble meanings. Pilgrimage, he stated, is not just physical acts and practices, such as traveling back and forth, Tawaf and other rituals, considering that these acts have spiritual implications deeply connected to the sincerity of men in the worship of Allah, the Almighty, and in every step in their life and describing pilgrimage as exiting from the narrow self to the wider infinite scope where the mercy of God is present in all this universe.

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