Schoking News- The Turkish soldiers sent to protect Soleyman Shah were abducted by al-Qaeda in Syria

Turk_Askerleri_Suriyede_Kacirildi_Iddiasi-300x152According to the local media the Turkish soldiers who were sent to protect Soleyman Shah Tomb were abducted by al-Qaeda after the entrance of Turkish soldeirs from the Murşitpınar Gate in Şanlurfa’s Suruş region.

It is claimed that some 300 forces and several armored vehicles were seized by al-Qaeda terrorists and the flag of al-Qaeda was hanged to the Turkish soldiers’ vehicles.

According to the local source the Turkish soldiers were ambushed around MinJib town and the terrorists were claimed to send the soliders back.

There has been no official statements by Turkish Government about the alleged news.

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