Scotland independence vote would end UK forever


The referendum results will be announced on September 19 (Friday) on 7 AM local time in Scotland. If Scots vote for independence, they will end 3 centuries of union with England. With the death of Elizabeth I, his closest kin in Scotland, King James VI of Scotland ascended to the throne to be King James I of England and Scotland. The 1707 Act of Union united both nations in all matters of state, removing the Scotland’s local government and political power to London.

Scotland is the traditional center for Labor party, and Scots have voted traditionally for Labor governments in the British party politics. A ‘Yes’ vote by the Scots would disturb Mr. Cameron’s conservative government, forcing to resign, since with the removal of Scottish MPs from the coalition, the conservatives lose the majority in the House, bringing Cameron with a political failure half-way in power in the House.

Meanwhile, the Labor apologists interpreted the Scottish probable independence as cementing Tories right-wing hold on the Parliament, with the removing of the balancing effect of Scottish Labour MPs. This is what Scottish deputy leader Anas Sarwar told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme.

Mr. Cameron has been in No campaign to keep Scotland in the union and alive his hopes for his conservative government from collapse in the case of a Yes vote by Scots. Mr. Cameron warned that a Yes vote would deprive Scotland of the pound currency and end the UK forever. Earlier Mr. Cameron asked the Scots to think twice, since ‘this is not a General Election; this is an election which if made, it would at least last a century; you are voting for a century and would not change the decision in a course of 5 years or so.”

Labour party activists are also in ‘No’ campaign. Gordon Brown, former British PM who replaced Tony Blair in 2007 urged what he called the silent majority “to be silent no more” and to “let no narrow nationalism split us asunder”.

“Have confidence, stand up and be counted tomorrow,” he told the final Better Together rally in Glasgow. “Say to your friends, for reasons of solidarity, sharing, pride in Scotland, the only answer is vote No,” Brown said in an impassioned speech in the final push for a ‘No vote.’

“What sort of message would we send out to the rest of the world, we who pioneered a partnership between nations, if tomorrow we said we’re going to give up on sharing, throw our idea of solidarity into the dust?” he said.

“This is not the Scotland I know,” a Financial Time report said.

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