Scottish nationalists vow to hold referendum on independence from UK

Prior to the Scottish elections early next month, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has published an incisive manifesto, pledging to hold an independence referendum by the end of 2023.

According to the manifesto, it’s only the people of Scotland who will decide on their future whether to be under the Union Jack or an independent country.

“The SNP intention is for the referendum to be within the first half of the five year term,” the SNP said in its manifesto, adding that the date of the referendum would be “determined by our democratically elected parliament”.

Despite the fact that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the authority to reject a second independence referendum, he will almost certainly face a constitutional confrontation with Scotland.

England and Scotland have been united since 1707 and another referendum, if the Scots vote out, would fracture the UK once again after Irish independence which took place a century ago.

If it goes successful, the step would mark the biggest shock to the UK amid the expanding implications of both Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis.

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